community engagement

The Crea8 Sustainability program was developed to help secure a better, more sustainable future for generations to come. Many of PacificLight’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) and community outreach initiatives revolve around education, environmental conservation, as well as resource preservation.

We bring fun to learning by moving out of the classroom and onsite to our power plant itself, with educational walkabouts and tours giving students a rare insight into the everyday operations of the Singapore electricity market.

Other projects and engagements with the community include volunteer work with organisations such as Willing Hearts Soup Kitchen, coastal clean-ups and the annual Run For Hope.

Community Engagement

community outreach

PacificLight believes in engaging all levels of the communities that we serve. We actively support various charities and welfare organizations through volunteering and donations.

PacificLight believes in initiatives that promote education, environmental conservation and resource preservation to make Singapore a better place for future generations.


Crea8 Sustainability

We engage with a variety of organisations, stakeholders and individuals through our Crea8 Sustainability program. Crea8 Sustainability aims to inspire and educate the community on the journey to a cleaner, safer and more sustainable environment. We believe that by nurturing an awareness and appreciation of resource preservation and energy conservation within the community allows everyone to be a catalyst of change.

A key component of Crea8 Sustainability is our annual competition for students, which encourages young Singaporeans to address environmental challenges, share stories and innovative solutions to demonstrate their passion in tackling the global challenge of sustainability and to create a sustainable Singapore.

Crea8 Sustainability

engaging with the community

As a community partner, we recognize the importance of collaboration and that every contribution can leave a lasting mark on society. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and community engagement initiatives reach out and works hand in hand with the community to make Singapore a better place.