Purchase Wisely

Energy Label Scheme 

In 2008, Singapore introduced the Mandatory Energy Labelling Scheme (MELS) which enables customers compare energy efficiency when purchasing various regulated electrical appliances such as television sets, refrigerators, washing machines, dryers etc. We are all for encouraging conscious consumer behaviour – Through empowering customers to make more informed decisions, we can promote sustainability in all aspects of our daily lives.


Consume in Moderation 

Electricity Consumption 

Electricity consumption in Singapore has been steadily increasing year after year. What you can do to buck this trend is to do an energy audit of your home, with a full sweep of the various ways you can reduce electricity consumption while doing tasks such as cooling your house with the AC, lighting your home, or using the refrigerator. Check out 6 simple steps tp save your home electricity use.

Use of plastics

While sustainable initiatives such as bamboo straws and edible cutlery have gained increasing popularity, they movement has yet to fully take off  in Singapore. Keeping in mind the staggering 820 million plastic bags taken from supermarkets every year in Singapore , it’s definitely not an exaggeration to say that Singapore has a disposable plastic addiction. The crux of this lifestyle change is to simply forsake quick, convenient and easy gratification with a long term outlook.