My First Skool Resources


Take on the Challenge and try out these
Sustainability Activities

Eat a more plant-based diet

Reducing the amount of meat in your diet has a large positive impact on the environment.

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Read Together

A trip to the library can be a great adventure for a pre-school child. Grab a few of these earth related books and enjoy some quiet reading time together.

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Grow your own!

Watching a tiny seed sprout and transform from nothing into a plant is a magical process for children and adults alike

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A World in a Bottle

You may have heard of a ship in a bottle, but have you ever seen a world in a bottle? This bottle terrarium project is a great way to teach your children about the fragility and importance of our planet's ecosystem. 

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Learn through Play

Spend time together as a family by playing games. You can invent your own game to teach children about different aspects of sustainability or play an online game about recycling.

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