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Get Crafty and Creative with
Recyclable Crafts

Tube Roll Superhero

Turn an empty toilet or kitchen roll tube into a superhero!

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DIY Planters

Grow your own flowers or vegetables in DIY planters

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Recycled Tic-Tac-Toe Game

Kids and adults of all ages will love this homemade version of tic-tac toe!  Made with cereal boxes and plastic water bottle caps, this game is easy to make and portable.

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Plastic Bottle Flowers

Rubbish or art? It’s all about perspective! Make some flowers out of used plastic bottles as an attractive gift.

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DIY Sock Puppet

Create your own puppet show! Grab a couple of old socks (washed please!) and create some silly looking faces. The more bizarre, the better!

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Toilet Paper Roll Car

Jazz up a cardboard tube car with as many modifications as you can think of! 

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